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June 22, 2008 / japanland

nice things from OC Weekly

I went to the Hibbleton again tonight to see my friend Jessica play a show. She is a great-great musician and she gave me a plug during her show so I’m only doing this to return the favor. no really, she is extremely talented and you should check out her music:

Also, she is going to be traveling in Beck’s band for the next few months playing guitar and backup vocals. Check out this video from a secret show they played last week at the Echo. (for some reason this post isn’t letting me embed a video so click on the link to view it.)

Also, while I was hanging out, the guys at the Hibbleton let me know that OC Weekly had written up a review of the show. Although, I wouldn’t say my work is Anime/Manga-inspired (the Japanese influence would be more Nintendo/Super Mario Bros./Kirby/Bubble Bobble-esque) like they wrote, I really appreciate the nice-nice things they had to say about my work. Now, I just might have to go with their recommendation and change my name to “Totallyfreakyinnerworldland”.


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  1. ibrahimabutouq / Jun 22 2008 12:35 pm


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