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August 8, 2008 / japanland

Adam Souza, Plankeye & the open road

We made it to Portland! It was almost 24 hours of traveling by bus, train & automobile (plane is scheduled for return trip, so we will be covering most forms of transportation).

Trip started out with Marta finding out she would be able to join us and there was some last minute packing. While we are waiting with our friends who offered to drop us off at union station they start telling us about the recent murder/decapitation that took place on a bus in CA. Keep in mind that this is my first time ever traveling with Amtrak. To make matters more awesome, Marta and I are the last two to get on the bus and we are honored with the seats between the only baby on the bus and the bus’ only toilet. GENIUS!
So bus trip is miserable and long. We get to Bakersfield where we switch over to a train. Great story about 300 pound dude stubbing his toe, wish I had a picture for that one. Train was awesome and got some sleep…finally!
Adam picked us up at 6:49 (5 minutes late) and the road trip began (after we stopped for breakfast). Other stops included starbucks cigarette break, Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico, and Mexican food in Eugene, OR where we all totally scored and got three blue ninjas from the quarter machine…one for each of us!
Unfortunately my iPhone battery was dead for the most of this trip since I forgot to turn off my 3G. I wanted to test out my new wordpress app though so here are a few pictures and here goes nothing!


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